Microperforated Poly Film Cover capillary matting, price per metre, 1.2m wide

Microperforated Poly Film 1.2m Wide

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Micro-perforated film offers a number of brilliant benefits when used to cover capillary matting.

From helping to prevent plant roots from growing into the matting, reducing evaporation and algae growth through to prolonging the life of the matting, this film is an absolute must have for tidy, water efficient gardening.

The price is per metre.

How to order

Simply key the number of metres you want into the 'Quantity' box, which is next to the 'Buy Now' button. For example, if you want 5 metres, key '5' in the 'Quantity' box. The film will be cut as one continuous length unless otherwise stated.

Samples of this, and any of our wide range of garden fabrics are available.