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Nutley's Lou's Poo Alpaca Fertiliser Beans

Nutley's Lou's Poo Alpaca Fertiliser Beans

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A serious product for serious gardeners, alpaca poo is a fabulous source of slow release NPK - nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Sweet smelling and light in weight - forget lugging heavy bags of manure - Lou's Poo is gathered by British Alpaca Society members from their herds on various farms, smallholdings and country estates around the UK.  

Alpaca's are nature's composters - their three-stomach digestive system processes food so efficiently that organic matter and seeds cannot survive.  Air dried and picked free of excessive paddock matter, Lou's Poo is perfect for your garden, pots and planters. Being free of nasty odours, it is also ideal for indoor pot plants.

How to use: add one tablespoon for every 5 litres of water to make a plant tea, then water in.  Alternatively, sprinkle beans directly into the soil before planting.

Also available in the Nutley's Lou's Poo range are shredded fertilisers in 200g and 400g, as well as a compost tea mix. For these products and many more organic fertilisers, soil enhancers and vegetable plant feeds browse our online store.

Please note, Lou's Poo and any other composts and fertilisers are only available to purchase in the UK. Nutley's Kitchen Gardens have the right to cancel and refund your order if it is bought for overseas customers. Thank you for your understanding.