Nutley's biodegradable food storage freezer deli boxes 250g

Nutley's 8oz Biodegradable Deli Food Boxes

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Nutley’s Biodegradable Food Storage Boxes are made from plants, not plastic, making them compostable and contain 79% less embodied carbon than its plastic counterparts. The product breaks down in less than 12 weeks in industrial or commercial composting and is safe to use, non toxic. The boxes are strong and sturdy, offering the same results as oil-based products but are made with plant-based PLA.

The boxes could be used for containing fresh produce from the garden, home-made dishes, sprouting seeds and are equipped for storing foods at many temperatures; holding foods up to 50°C and being freezer-proof for single uses. Ideal for lunches and deserts, deli boxes, food containers and biodegradable freezer cartons.

Measurements –

250ml: 12.5cm (L) x 5.5cm (H) x 8.0cm (W)