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Aqua Balance Watering Spike + Bottle no. 5, 1.25-litre automatic drip plant watering 220ml 400ml 500ml 650ml

Nutley's Aqua Balance Small Watering Spike and Bottle: Select Bottle Capacity

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The bestselling Aqua Balance Bottle-top Watering Spike is a cut above many automatic watering products. The special barometric fitting allows it to responds to air temperature: the warmer it is, the faster it drips.

Use it indoors or out, in bright sunshine or in shade, and it will perform exactly as the air pressure dictates, giving plants exactly the right amount of water at the right time. The spike comes complete with an attractive and heavy-duty green bubble water bottle available in different capacities. 

Full instructions included. The spike is also available singly, and paired with different green bubble bottle sizes - see them in our dedicated kitchen garden shop.