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Garden trellis netting is a great alternative to wooden trellis, and can last a whole lot longer. And Climbanet netting is a great quality choice. It's also lighter, easier to use, easier to remove and move than wooden trellis, and comes in a choice of colours and widths. If you're into climbing and rambling plants it's brilliant, specifically designed to support climbers.

Because Climbanet plastic trellis is made from a particularly thick, extruded plastic material it's really strong and durable, but it's also nice and bendy, which means it's a dream to work with. To fix it firmly, you simply use metal staples or plant ties attached to wooden, metal or plastic supports. Your climbing and rambling plants will respond with pleasure, growing strongly and well thanks to the essential support they get. What a wonderful display!

Take a look at our collection of Climbanet garden trellis netting below: