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Hessian Fabric

Hessian Fabric

Hessian, AKA burlap or jute, is low cost, biodegradable, solves a variety of plant problems and looks naturally good. You can use it to make your own sacks, of course, which is often cheaper than buying ready made containers for your spuds and root veg. But it has many more uses in the garden. As well as storing veg it can be used to protect plants through winter, help save them from the ravages of bunnies and deer, offer shade from the sun and as temporary mulch to stop weeds coming through while you're preparing beds.

Hessian fabric makes an excellent liner for plant containers and protects bare root specimens from the cold. You can create barriers with hessian to shelter vulnerable plants from the wind. You can cover gunnera with it against a hard frost. You can even plant flowers in a burlap bag, making a neat little sack-planter. Plus, of course, use it to make bags to carry garden waste around in.

Take a look at our collection of hessian fabric below: