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Available in different strengths, lengths and colours, and suitable for fruit cages, chicken runs, crop protection and more. See our category list on the left which will help you choose.

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Bird Netting

Bird Netting

Bird netting is the perfect solution when you want to keep birds from damaging and eating all of your home-grown fruit and vegetables, either at particularly vulnerable stages or from start to finish. Birds can cause bacterial and fungal disease thanks to pathogens in their saliva, therefore keeping them away is also a health thing. Bird netting works harder than sound-based and visual bird scaring devices, which leave your crop exposed. In fact nets are the most effective barrier by far between birds and crops.

We sell a range of different bird net types and widths, something for every situation and type of bird, either in pre-cut rolls or available on a per metre basis. It is easy to cut to size with a good pair of scissors.

Take a look at our bird prevention netting options below:

Green Woven Bird Netting

Black Heavy Duty Bird Netting

Hail Netting/Small Mesh

Fleximesh Tough Netting