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The organic alternative to insecticides, we have a range of different nets to protect fruit and vegetables from insect attack. See the category options on the left.

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Pest Control Netting

Pest Control Netting

Imagine you've just planted out a wonderful crop. It's looking healthy, and it's thriving. But the next morning you look out of the window and... it's gone! The last thing you want is for insects to access your crops and decimate them. But you know that every insect plays its unique part in nature's great pattern and it isn't wise to just kill them all off. At the same time chemical solutions can be really nasty. Luckily pest control netting does a fantastic job of preventing insects getting at your crops, and does it without killing them.

We sell butterfly netting to stop things like cabbage white butterflies – whose caterpillars are incredibly destructive – laying eggs on your brassicas. Our finer-mesh pest control netting stops smaller creatures accessing your crops. And we also stock a range of pest-specific products to help you stay safe from the ravages of apple maggots, plum maggots, slugs and snails.

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