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Weed Control Fabric

Weed Control Fabric

If you have ever been overcome by weeds, you'll know how tricky and time consuming it can be to get rid of them. If you have a large plot weeding can overwhelm you, taking up all your precious gardening time. Whether you're gardening at home or running a commercial operation, your best bet is to prevent weeds taking hold in the first place, and that's where weed controlling fabric comes in. It's a brilliant way to stop weeds in their tracks, leaving your crops and flowerbeds pristine.

Some of our weed control fabric is guaranteed for 15 years, some for 25 years, some for 40 – that's what we call a long term solution! Other types are actually biodegradable, pegged down at the start of the growing season to suppress the weeds, help keep warmth in and retain moisture, after which they gently degrade into the soil, leaving absolutely no harmful residue.

Take a look at our anti-weed fabric options below: