slugIf you have been inundated with slugs in your garden this weekend, you are not alone. This unusually rainy summer has resulted in a huge surplus of the garden pest and here at Nutley’s we are wanting to help keep your crops as healthy and slug-free as possible. Whether you are looking for a deterrent, a trap or something that will kill the slug, Nutley’s have a wide selection of options that will all be effective against the slimy garden beasts.

Garland Slug X Trap Slug & Snail Killer

Slug X is a chemical-free, environmentally friendly slug and snail killer that really works.

This is a beer trap with a difference: the slugs & snails are attracted into the trap by the smell coming through the access openings. Once inside, the build-up of fumes will put them into a state of confusion and they will be unable to find a way out. Many will stay in the trap for up to 10 hours before finally going into the wells. Poison-free - will not harm any other wildlife.
40-50 slugs can be trapped overnight in badly infested areas.

This product is also extremely cost effective - lasts for many years. The product also lies flat and cannot be knocked over. The design is also very discreet and comes from a brand called Garland - one of the UK's top garden supplies manufacturers.

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Vitax Slug Rid Organic Slug Killer 500g

An organic pellet based pest control method that will kill the slugs.

The pellets are ready to use and are approved for use around both edible and ornamental plants. After consuming the pellets, which contain naturally occurring active ingredients, the slugs immediately cease feeding and move away from plants, leaving no unsightly trace.

Safe to use around children and pets.

Contains ferric phosphate. Quantity: 500g.

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Vitax Copper Slug Tape 4 meters

Slug Tape is an adhesive, serrated copper tape which can be use on pots, tubs, greenhouse staging and other clearly defined areas. 

When a slug or snail attempts to cross the tape, this creates a small electrical charge which will not harm the slug/snail but will cause the slug/snail to turn away.

The tape is 4 meters in length and will protect up to 12 five inch pots.

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