With the summer months now here, keeping your plants and crops watered whilst you are away enjoying your holidays is an essential
– you don’t want all that hard work going to waste! Here at Nutley’s
we are often asked for advice and opinions about are top watering solutions, so to make things a little easier we have compiled a list of
our best choices for every occasion.

Plant Watering Dripper Kit

Nutley’s say: small, quick, easy and inexpensive.

We like any excuse to recycle our household items, so this solution
is one of our favourites. Using an old milk bottle and the dripper kit, pierce a hole into the side and attach the 74cm length of the 5mm tubing. The kit also comes with one adjustable dripper and one-hole enlarger.

Once the dripper is attached just simply place higher than the plant you are looking to water. The excellent piece of kit will then water your plants at a steady drip rate over several days; the larger the bottle, the longer the watering period.

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Aqua Balance Watering Spike

Nutley’s say: attractive, intelligent and comes in many variations. Indoor and outdoor use.

This intelligent watering spike responds to the temperature: the warmer it is, the faster it drips. Ideal for use indoors and outdoors, in the bright sunshine or in the shade. The spike simply performs exactly as the air pressure dictates, giving plants exactly the right amount of water at the right time.

Available in a variety of sizes and in different kits, ranging from 220ml to 1.25 litres.

For more information or to shop for an aqua balance watering spike, click here.

Garland Big Drippa Greenhouse Watering Kit

Nutley’s say: water several plants using this one solution, perfect for growbags and greenhouses.

Simple but smart way to water several of your plants at once, using a recycled PVC 10.5 bag. Best used when in a greenhouse, with growbags and on patios. The kit also helps making watering easy for any plants that do not have a nearby water source.

Just hang the bag, attach the irrigation hoses and adjustable drippers, fill with water and leave to do its job! The bag then waters directly to the roots, which helps plants to thrive. Kit contains the 10.5 litre bag, 5 metres of irrigation tube (8mm diameter) and 6 adjustable drippers.

For more information or to shop for a Big Drippa watering kit, click here.

Garland Super 7 Self-Watering Windowsill Seed Propagator

Nutley’s say: designed for indoor plants, watered up to 14 days, fill tray with water when needed.

A self-watering plant tray which has been designed to sit on a windowsill - ideal for keeping indoor plants happy. The self-watering propagator uses capillary action to ensure plants are watered automatically for up to 14 days. It does this with the help of an inner support platform, covered in capillary matting, which sits on an outer reservoir tray. Simply fill reservoir with water as and when required.

The product is also made of 90% recycled materials and the seven different trays allow for a variety of plants to be grown and cared for at once. Also available in other sizes and varieties.

For more information or to shop for a self-watering propagator, click here.

Garland Self-Watering Plant Tray

Nutley’s say: perfect for use in greenhouses or indoors, plants take the water they need.

Similar to the tray above, this design allows you to leave your plants to water themselves from the capillary matting. It is also useful in the greenhouse for watering cuttings and seedlings, as plants can take exactly the water they need.

The tray works by capillary action - using an inner tray, water reservoir and matting to draw up the water. There are two varieties, a tray which holds several pots, good for greenhouses, and a windowsill tray.

For more information or to shop for a self-watering plant tray, click here.

Watering Slices (pack of four)

Nutley’s say:extremely efficient, up to four weeks watering, simple to use.

Watering slices can retain enough water to keep your plants happy for up to one week per slice. Just simply soak each slice in water for a couple of hours, then add to your base of choice.

The most common locations for placing a watering slice is inside or underneath a plant pot, hanging baskets and flower pouches, but have many more uses too. The high-saturation sponge will treble in volume when having water added and can be added in layers, so four layers for four weeks worth of watering. They can also be cut to shape, too - one slice can fit two smaller pot plants. An extremely efficient and water-saving product - highly recommended.

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Grow Bag Growtube with cane supports

Nutley’s say:not a long-term watering solution but perfect for any plants in a growbag.

This final solution is extremely popular with anyone who grows vegetables in a grow bag, with the Growtube ensuring that watering is very easy and efficient.

It creates a one-point watering area with the use of a upturned bottle, all you need to do is pour the water into the bottle and the water is carried efficiently to the roots of each plant. The bag doesn’t flood and there are no dry spots - each plant receives exactly what it needs. The use of the grow bag also helps plants grow stronger and healthier. The use of this kit also helps water the whole growbag in under a minute, we would suggest adding feed to the water too.

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