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200ml Sloe Gin Glass Bottle Ceramic Swing Stopper wedding favours oils
Nutley's 200ml Bottles with Ceramic Swing Stopper With Homeade Gin Inside

Nutley's 200ml Bottles with Ceramic Swing Stopper

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These small 200ml bottles are ideal for samples of your home-made gins, vodkas or sauces. 

Made from strong glass, and beautiful in shape, they also feature a traditional ceramic swing stopper closure which keeps the contents fresh and leakproof. The swing stopper also has a bright red rubber seal. The bottles come with the swing stoppers already attached to the bottle. Replacement swing stoppers are also available to purchase through our store.

Fill with favours, for weddings or parties, or as samples for business. Whether you have made your own sloe gins, damson vodkas, liqueurs, or want to gift others whiskey or rum for the festive season. 

Measurements of each bottle are 19.5cm (7.7 inches) high to the top of the stopper with a 5.5cm (2.15 inches) diameter. The bases of the bottles are heavy which means they stand easily too. The capacity of the bottles are 200ml which is around 7 fluid oz.

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