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Nutley's 250ml Miniature Glass Milk Bottle Gold Lid
Nutley's 250ml Miniature Glass Milk Bottle Silver Lid
Nutley's 250ml Miniature Glass Milk Bottle Silver Lid

Nutley's 250ml Miniature Glass Milk Bottle (Pick colour & pack quantity)

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These miniature milk bottles are a trendy and cute solution for small doses of milk, cream, individual juices or mini cocktails. Their traditional and vintage look is much loved and will give a nostalgic and homely feeling to any kitchen or table setting. 

Fill with small sweeties for a cute wedding or party favour, or with fresh fruit smoothies and reusable straw for drinks that will impress your friends and family. These bottles can even be used to hold a small bunch of hand picked flowers from your garden as an adorable miniature vase. 

Super easy to clean, these bottles are excellent for decanting larger cartons of milk for having on the table or when guests are over. They can also be used to store any kind of spare liquids that you don’t want to throw away such as meat or vegetable stock - a very handy jar to have in your kitchen.

Available with a gold or silver screw cap lid, which is both leak-proof and vinegar-proof, these bottles are great for taking on a picnic or for parties and events. 

Each bottle measures 14cm (5.5 inches) in height and has a diameter of 6cm (2.4 inches) at its widest point. Capacity of the bottle is 250ml, 

Trade quantities are also available, and if you need a larger quantity or a specific amount, please contact our customer care team who are more than happy to help.