Nutley's 45% Windbreak Shade Netting 1m 2m 3m wide greenhouse screening choose length

45% Shade Netting: Custom Length and Width

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How Much Netting Should I Buy?

For the best coverage of larger frames, we recommend that you buy two pieces of netting, one for the top of your structure, and one to go round the sides.

Measurements of your structure


We advise rounding these numbers up to the nearest netting size. N.B. these calculations include 30% extra netting to allow for stretch

Knitted windbreak shade netting is ideal for many garden uses including shading for polytunnels, greenhouses and conservatories. The netting can also be used panelling timber frame doors and comes with eyelets for easy assembly. Simply use cable ties or garden wire to hang or attach the netting for the purpose it is needed for. 

The netting can also be used to offer protection to your crops from harsh weathers like drifting snow, winds and hard rain. The lower percentage of the shade, the less protection it will offer as the weave is looser. 

The Horticultural Shade Netting is available in several different percentages: 45%, 50% and 85% with the higher the percentage the denser the fabric.

Available in many different widths: 1 metre (3.3 feet), 2 metres (6.6 foot) and 3 metres (9.9 foot).

To order the length that you need, select the fabric width and add the product to your cart or basket. Once it is in your cart, change the item quantity to the amount of metres that you need for the length. Your piece of Shade Netting will then be cut into one whole piece of material. Be sure to update the cart to reflect the new price of the listing. 

Listings are also available for pre-cut pieces. The pre-cut lengths available are 5 metres (16.4 feet), 10 metres (32.8 feet), 15 metres (49.2 feet), 20 metres (65.6 feet), 25 metres (82 feet), 30 metres (98.4 feet), 35 metres (114.8 feet), 40 metres (1312 feet), 45 metres (147.6 feet) and 50 metres (164 feet) bulk roll. 

Simply choose the length of the fabric that you need. Please be aware this netting is cut from a roll and unless specified will be cut in one large piece. This netting does not arrive on the roll, unless you buy the bulk roll. Free samples are available on request.