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Bloomin' Amazing Soil Improver Conditioner Mulch

Bloomin' Amazing Soil Improver Conditioner Mulch

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This eco-friendly soil improver and mulch deters both slugs and weeds whilst feeding plants with the nutrients they need to thrive and retain water in the soil – what more could a gardener want?

A by-product of biogas production on the Duchy of Cornwall Estate, this peat-free soil conditioner is ideal for growing perennials, vegetables and fruit bushes, as well as successfully establishing new roses, trees and shrubs.

With many of the properties of real manure, this tried and tested no-dig mulch is fantastic for aiding water retention in the soil and feeding plants for months with essential NPK and micronutrients.

In addition to being a lightweight and odourless alternative to farmyard manure, Bloomin' Amazing's soil conditioner has the added benefit of being high in organic matter to enrich the soil.

Packed into a 100% biodegradable 50-litre bag, without microplastics or ecotoxicity, this vegan manure and mulch is a wonderful family, pet and planet-friendly product. This means that you can enjoy a colourful and vibrant garden with the knowledge that it comes from a purely green material.