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Darlac Folding Saw sabre tooth tri-edged easy pull no stick garden tool pruning

Darlac Folding Saw Sabre Tooth Tri-Edged

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The Darlac cutting saw has been designed to let the tool do the work!  With triple-edged razor-sharp teeth, the saw cuts on the backstroke with just the lightest of pressure.  With no 'sticking' in the wood or build-up of sawdust in the blades, the saber-tooth saw cuts up to 90mm wide woody stems and branches with ease.

Made from the finest high carbon steel which has been hard chrome armored for long life, strength, durability and sharpness.  The rubber saw grip is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in the hand, meaning less blisters during those long pruning sessions!  The design also means it can be used right and left-handed. 

To use: exert light pressure on the backward stroke only - do not put pressure on the forward stroke.  The blade is stain and rust resistant and, as with all Darlac quality tools, has a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.  The replaceable blade is also available.  Measures 24cm long x 9cm wide when folded.  Winner of a Garden News magazine Best Buy award.