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Dexam 2-tier, 8-inch Bamboo Steamer

Dexam 2-tier, 8-inch Bamboo Steamer

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This traditional, two-tiered oriental bamboo steamer is perfect for authentic oriental dishes like dim sum, or preparing healthy food, such as steamed fish or vegetables in the comfort of your own home.

Manufactured without staples, this steamer is suitable for use in the microwave.  The double layers allow for multiple uses at one time, ideal for food items with different cooking times.

Made from high quality bamboo, this steamer is designed to fit comfortably into a smaller wok. Steaming food is a healthy way of cooking, as your food retains many more nutrients than if it were boiled.

The bamboo steamer sits in a few inches of boiling water in the bottom of a wok, and the hot steam passes through the basket, cooking the food inside.

Suitable for Asian dishes, healthy eating and those seeking a low calorie diet.

Easy to clean and store.

Measures: 20cm diameter.