Eddingtons Cotton Potato Storage Bag Rot-Proof Lining for Longer Life Freshness

Eddingtons Cotton Potato Storage Bag

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Store your potatoes in these root-proof bags, making sure your potatoes stay fresher for longer.

The black lining of the bag means that it prevents light from entering the bag, therefore it will help prevent the potatoes from sweating and spoiling. It also features a drawstring closure and a side zip which means the contents can be easily removed. Simply fill from the top of the bag and then remove the potatoes from the zip at the bottom when it is needed.

The bag is made of cotton, so it is breathable, and can also be used for storing any medium-sized vegetables aside from potatoes. This design of the popular bag is also available in a smaller size for storing garlic and a bag of the same size to this one which is perfect for onion. Nutley's also have a listing available for the three bags in one set. The bag is big enough for around 2.5kg of potatoes too. 

The bag measures 27.5cm (10.8 inches) by 38cm (15 inches).