Greenacres Sulphur Veg natural defence against vegetable diseases plant feed

Greenacres Natural Sulphur Veg Plant Feed

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Strong and healthy plants have the best resistance against pests and diseases, and sulphur is a key element in plant growth. Regular use throughout the season will help ensure your vegetables stay in tip-top condition and can fight off diseases such as mildew, rust, and blight. It also gives vegetables such as broccoli and onions their flavour.

Sulphur deficient plants exhibit yellowing of the leaves and stunting of growth. Sulphur is critical for the production of plant vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, and an application every three weeks will help ensure all your hard work sowing, preparing and tending your vegetable plot pays off. Each box of Sulphur Veg contains 250g, enough for at least 10 applications of 25 sq meters. So one box is probably all you'll need for a season's growth.  

Apply by diluting into tepid water and spraying - full directions are on the pack and a measuring scoop is included.

A non-pesticide preventative treatment, and safe for wildlife and pets. Use in the allotment, garden, raised bed or vegetable planter. Do not use on apricots or any member of the cucumber family.