4m Small Mesh Bird Netting Strong Woven Hail Butterfly Pest Control

Hail Mesh 4m wide Bird Netting Pre-Cut: Select Length

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How Much Netting Should I Buy?

For the best coverage of larger frames, we recommend that you buy two pieces of netting, one for the top of your structure, and one to go round the sides.

Measurements of your structure


We advise rounding these numbers up to the nearest netting size. N.B. these calculations include 30% extra netting to allow for stretch

A super-strong knitted netting with a very small mesh, just 4mm x 5mm. Excellent protection against birds, butterflies, and other pests. Also used in the fruit-growing industry as hail netting, and other applications include fruit cages, pond cover, chicken runs, etc.

Lightweight, non-fraying and UV stabilised, this is a woven fabric that will drape easily and last for many seasons.

70g/sq. m. 100% HDPE monofilament. Mesh size: 4mm x 5mm. Width: 4m, length 10m. Also available by the metre. See the wide range of nettings and fabrics in our dedicated kitchen garden shop. Free samples available on request.

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