Haws 8 Litre Slimcan Watering Can 20 Year Life Expectancy Rose Included - GREEN [801/GRN]

Haws 8 Litre Green Slimcan Watering Can

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A traditional and classic watering can, perfectly designed for a long and strong life. Use for watering all your outdoor plants. 

The ergonomic design provides the user with total comfort and ease of use, and maximises water pressure to deliver the finest of sprays through the detachable non-drip brass rose. It has a hoop handle which allows for single-handed use and the slim design makes it easy to carry when full of water. 

Available in a durable powder-coated colour finish or just with a galvanised finish. This can has previously won the Which Best Buy and is highly regarded amongst gardeners. 

From Haws, the best quality a gardener can get and makers of fine watering cans since 1886.

Each watering can holds 8 litres of water and measures 64.5cm (25.4 inches) in length, 17.5cm (6.9 inches) in width and is 41cm (16.4 inches) high.