Haws Brass Face Flexispray No. 10 Watering Can Rose: Fits Most Cans, Fine Spray

Haws Watering Can Rose Brass Face Flexispray No. 10

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A fine-spray rose with a flexible stem to fit the most popular watering cans. The stem is conical shaped, starting at 4cm diameter at the widest point, and decreasing to around 2.8cm diameter at its lowest - this should fit most watering can spouts. (NB: design of stem has changed - new picture to follow)

Brass face, rubberised plastic, and a fine spray for gentle watering of more delicate plants and seedlings. Made by Haws - makers of the finest watering cans since 1886. Many more roses in our dedicated kitchen garden shop.

Measurements: face is 12.5cm long x 9cm max width.