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Haxnick Raised Bed Parts
Haxnick Raised Bed Parts
Haxnick Raised Bed Parts

Haxnick Raised Bed Parts

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This frame is designed specially to use with the Haxnicks Timber Raised Grow Bed. These sturdy, powder-coated steel raised bed frames are easy to assemble and are resistant to wind and harsh weather. 

Slotting securely into holes in the joining brackets of the timber base, it provides a 50cm high arched black-metal framework for protective poly and mesh covers, available separately.  

The Haxnicks wooden grow bed measures 1.2m x 1m.

Poly Cover

Designed to sit snugly over the Haxnicks Timber Raised Grow Bed frame, the poly cover creates a mini-greenhouse, warming the soil for earlier planting and retaining warmth and humidity for quicker growth. This extends the growing season, allowing you to plant your seeds earlier.

The flaps at either end of the tunnel make ventilation easy. Made of heavy-duty, clear PVC, it provides robust weather protection for newly-sown crops. 

This cover fits the Haxnicks raised bed growing bed, which measures 1 x 1.2m.