Haxnicks Sage Green Bamboo Fibre Pot 7.5cm

Haxnicks Sage Green 7.5cm Bamboo Fibre Pots

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These plant pots and saucers are transforming the way both professional and amateurs grow their own plants, vegetables, herbs and more, season after season.

Made from bamboo and rice, these pots are compostable and will last five or more years with normal use. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but when you are finished with them just simply break them into pieces and chuck on the compost heap. They will biodegrade easily after 6 to 12 months. Sensible, sturdy and sustainable.

The pots are free from petroleum-based plastics, as well as being BPA-free. The material that these products have been created from, is so versatile that it has also been used to create seed trays, labels and compost scoops. All available to buy through Nutley's Kitchen Gardens.


This is a listing for the 7.5cm (3 inches) diameter pot, which is the smallest in the bamboo pots range. Each pot has a 7.5cm diameter and is 6.5cm (2.55 inches) high. Also available in this range are pots that have a 13cm diameter or 15cm diameter. These size pots are also available with bamboo saucers - however this listing is JUST for a bamboo pot and no saucer is included. These pots have drainage holes. 

The pots are available in two colours; a sage green or a traditional terracotta. Each pack contains five units.