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Haxnicks Vigoroot Potato & Tomato Planter Fabric Plant Pot Air Pruning

Haxnicks Vigoroot Potato & Tomato Planter

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Vigoroots prevent plants becoming pot-bound, and so they grow more vigorously and do not need potting on so often.  In plastic and terracotta pots and other containers, the roots circle round and inhibit the uptake of essential nutrients.  With the special fabric of Vigoroots, the tips of the roots are 'pruned' by the air, which encourages strong lateral growth and a fibrous root system.  Plants gain more water and nutrients, have stronger yields, and healthy growth helps prevent disease and damage from harsh weather.  

The potato & tomato planter measures 35cm diameter x 45cm high and holds 40 litres.  At the end of each season, the planter can be washed in cold water, dried and store for future use.