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Le Parfait Clip-Top 250ml Preserve Jar For Jam Chutney Or As Storage
Le Parfait Clip-Top 250ml Preserve Jar For Jam Chutney Or As Storage

Le Parfait 250ml Round Clip Top Glass Preserve Super Jar

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A traditional glass clip-top preserve  jar from iconic glassware brand Le Parfait. 

This 250ml (0.05 gallons) jar features the famous orange airtight seal, synonymous with Le Parfait, and is excellent for home-made preserves such as jams, jellies, chutneys and pickles. These jars are also designed to be used for steeping home-brewed drinks such as flavoured vodkas and gins, or as kitchen storage containers and canisters for dry produce such as pasta, sugar, flour and rice. 

Le Parfait is a household name when it comes to preserving and kitchen organisation. Having been founded in Reims, France in the early 1930s, their products are loved globally and known for their high quality and simple but attractive design and are still produced in their factory in south-central France. 

This ‘Le Parfait Super Jar’ is part of a larger range, of which Nutley’s also stock a 500ml and 1000ml jar. This 250ml jar is the smallest in this particular range. Each jar measures 8cm high (3.1 inches), has a diameter of 9cm (3.5 inches). Each jar also weighs 335 grams (0.73 lbs). The jars also come with the traditional orange airtight seal which measures 70mm. Replacement seals are also available to purchase through Nutley’s. 

Available in various quantities. For larger quantities, or a custom trade quote, please contact our customer care team.