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Biodegradable Mulch Film 1.5m Wide

Biodegradable Mulch Film 1.5m Wide

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Although a light film, making it extremely easy to lay, this material is surprisingly strong. Peg it down at the beginning of the growing season to suppress the weeds, and help keep warmth and moisture in. The Nutley's Mulch Film will slowly biodegrade harmlessly into the soil over a period of 10-16 weeks, and can simply be dug in, with no mess to dispose of at the end of the growing season. As it transforms into nothing more than water and carbon dioxide, the mulch leaves no nasty residues.

Used widely in agriculture and nurseries, the mulch is an excellent ground cover for allotments, the veg plot, beds, borders and even pots and containers.

Simply choose the length of the fabric that you need. Free samples are available on request.


Please note - Pre-cut lengths do not come on rolls, they are pre-folded to size.

If you require a more personal length of mulch film, contact our customer care team who are always happy to help.