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Neudorff Weedkiller Concentrate 510ml

Neudorff Weedkiller Concentrate 510ml

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With results from just one day after treatment, this weedkiller has a fast and long-lasting effect on a broad range of weeds including meadow grass, dandelion, clover, stinging nettle, chickweed, chamomile, speedwell, buttercup, creeping thistle, mosses, and algae.

This highly effective weed control herbicide contains pelargonic acid derived from geraniums, and maleic hydrazide, both of which biodegrade harmlessly into the soil making it an excellent choice around vegetables and edible plants.

It is totally free of glysophate.

Contains 510ml, in a concentrated liquid which produces 3 litres of weed killer when diluted. Previously known as 'Fast Acting and Long Lasting Weedkiller Concentrate'.

From Neudorff - environmentally friendly pesticides and fertilisers since 1854.