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Nutley's 20mm Coco Fibre Compost Pellets Peat Free 50 per bag
Nutley's 20mm Coco Fibre Peat Free Compost Pellets

Nutley's 20mm Coco Fibre Peat Free Compost Pellets

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Just add water to three of these compressed coco-fibre compost pellets and they will swell in seconds to fill an 8cm plant pot.

Each 2cm Nutley's Coco Fibre Pellet produces around 66g of free flowing peat-free compost - that's around three times more than the 22mm Jiffy compost pellets, making them a great value alternative.

Quick, easy and convenient, the pellets are brilliant for filling pots and trays ready for sowing seeds or transplanting cuttings and seedlings.  Plus, they are easy to store - just keep them in a box or cupboard and activate them as you need them.

The pellets are sold in bags of 250g, each containing approximately 50 pellets which will produce around 3.3 litres of compost. Instructions for use are printed on the bag. The more bags you buy, the cheaper the price. Here are the approximate litres of compost for each bag quantity:

 How Many Bags?  How Many Litres of Compost?*
1 Bag (50 Pellets*) 3.3 Litres
2 Bags (100 Pellets*) 6.6 Litres
3 Bags (150 Pellets*) 9.9 Litres
4 Bags (200 Pellets*) 13.2 Litres 
5 Bags (250 Pellets*) 16.5 Litres
10 Bags (500 Pellets*) 33 Litres
15 Bags (750 Pellets*) 49.5 Litres
20 Bags (1000 Pellets*) 66 Litres