Nutley's Medium Hessian Sack Jute Potato Vegetable Storage Bag 45 x 60cm

Nutley's 45 x 60 Hessian Sack 8.9oz Grade

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Hessian vegetable storage sack measuring 45cm x 60cm: a traditional strong medium sized vegetable sack. Ideal for onions, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot and all root veg.

The tough, woven hessian makes the best possible storage material for all root vegetables. Air can circulate freely so condensation doesn't build up inside, and vegetables can be kept cool, dark and dry. 

Perfect for all root vegetables. Each sack measures 45cm x 60cm (17.5 x 23.5).

Storage tips: Ensure vegetables are completely dry before placing in bag. Onions should be dried out for around 2 weeks, or until they are hard. Do not wash root vegetables before storing: they keep better with earth still attached. Store in a cool, dry place.

If you require a more personalised number of the Nutley's 45 x 60 Hessian Sack or a trade order, please contact our Customer Care team.