Nutley's electric heated high top propagator 38cm grow seeds cuttings

Nutley's Electric Heated High Propagator

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A high-quality, British made heated propagator, to provide optimum conditions for faster germination and growth of seeds and cuttings.

The sealed base unit within a deep seed tray, plus a higher than average clear lid, makes for a neat, self-contained piece of growing equipment, giving all plants the best possible chance for strong and healthy growth.  

The shatterproof clear lid has two vents for highly adjustable humidity control, and the propagator is plugged and ready to use.  


38cm long x 24cm wide. Seed tray depth: 6.5cm. Max lid height: 11cm.  

Boxed, with instructions. 220-240 volts, 9 w. The propagator is designed to keep an even soil temperature of around 19 degrees C.