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Nutley's Smart Pot fabric air pruning garlic & onion growbag planter raised bed
Nutley's Smart Pot fabric air pruning garlic & onion growbag planter raised bed

Nutley's Garlic and Onion Smart Pot Growbag

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A super tough, weatherproof fabric raised bed that needs no assembly and, thanks to air pruning, will allow your vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers to thrive.  Simply unfold the Smart Pot, fill with compost and grow.  

The Garlic and Onion Grower measures 57cm (22.5") diameter by 19cm (7.5") high - ideal for onions, shallots, spring onions, and garlic.  Also good for herbs and salad vegetables, such as lettuce, rocket, and tomatoes. It holds  60 litres of compost.  Unlike most cheaper grow bags and planters, the tough fabric of the Smart Pot will keep its shape as it holds the compost.  And it will last for years - even in the UK climate.  

Imported by Nutley's directly from the USA, the patented Smart Pot fabric has been developed and perfected by family horticulturalists in Oklahoma over a period of 20 years.  To grow well, plants must have healthy roots.  The Smart Pot builds strong roots by heat release, aeration, the prevention of root circling and air pruning.

Heat release

In a plastic pot or PVC planter, heat is trapped and the soil can reach very high temperatures.  The Smart Pot fabric allows heat to escape.


Plastic containers only allow air to escape at the top  The Smart Pot is porous and allows air exchange from top to bottom.

Air pruning

In plastic or terracotta pots, roots have nowhere to spread and will circle round and round.  This is bad for healthy growth and chokes the plant.  With the Smart Pot, the roots grow to the side of the fabric and then hit the air.  The root tip then dries out, and new root growth begins laterally - as side shoots from the interior portion of the root.  This process continues as the plant builds a fuller root structure, using every square inch of the Smart Pot.  More roots mean more nourishment means healthier and stronger plants with bigger yields.

Smart Pots are also suited to hydroponic growing, and for use with a drip irrigation system in container growing.  And, unlike complicated timber grow beds, the Smart Pot needs no treating with chemical preservatives.  With no harmful residues leaching into the soil, the Smart Pot is perfect for the organic gardener.