Nutley's Plain Hessian Grow Bag Potatoes 38 Litres Vegetables Decking Balconies Patios

Nutley's Plain Hessian Grow Bag Potatoes 38 Litres

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Embrace retro back into your garden with the hessian 38 litre grow bag – perfect for growing your own vegetables such as potatoes. Made with all-natural hessian fabric, the material is coated meaning it retains water and is strongly reinforced around the drainage holes to make for suitable drainage.

Use the grow bag on your decking, balconies, on the patio or even outside the office – any sunny spot will do! The rugged and natural planters are also reusable for year-on-year and fold flat for easy storage, plus are much more attractive than plastic alternatives. Simply fill with potting soil and add your plants or seeds. 


31.7cm diameter and 40.6cm in length (12.5cm x 16 inches).