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Nutley's Rustic Farmhouse Large Bat House

Nutley's Rustic Farmhouse Large Bat House

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Welcome Bats into your garden or allotment with this rustic bat house complete with traditional rusted roof and front-facing bat design on the box. Designed for little maintenance, the box encourages bats into your garden which comes with many benefits. The house holds 25 bats and has predrilled mounting holes.

The increased number of bats means less pesticides will be used as the bats eat lots of unwanted insect pests, including plant-destroying beetles and mosquitoes. The large bat house features a bat access ladder and any bat droppings can fall straight to the ground which makes cleaning so much easier. There is also a rough textured wall for the bats to cling to.

Instructions for use: Place 25cm - 40cm high on a tree or house with southern exposure. Clean periodically. 

Measurements: 40.5cm in height x 31cm in length x 13cm in depth.