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NEW Nutley's Soil pH Level Test Kit
Nutley's Soil pH Level Test Kit
Nutley's Soil pH Level Test Kit out the package

Nutley's Soil pH Level Test Kit

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Discover the pH level of your soil with this genius testing kit from Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens. Simply place a small amount of soil into the tube, follow the instructions and equipment that are all included, and get quick results. 

 Ensure you are giving your plants and crops the healthiest soil that they require; helping encourage a bigger yield of produce. From vegetables to fruits, flowers and shrubs, all crops require different variations of pH in their soil and this kit will not only enable you to find the level of your soil, it also comes with a handy information sheet that tells you what levels you should be aiming for with each plant.

To use this super easy and reliable kit, follow the instructions included in the pack. An essential for any gardener, and a great small gift or stocking filler for the keen gardener in your life.