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Nutscene Heritage Jute Twine String 13m
Nutscene Heritage Jute Twine String 13m

Nutscene Heritage Jute Twine String 13m - Random Mix (Pack of 5)

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An assorted pack of the popular 13m Nutscene Tiddler Twines. Each pack contains 5 individual twines and the colours you will receive will be randomly selected - we can not guarantee which colours will be supplied to you. 

This biodegradable jute string has a huge variety of garden uses. From tying together any garden support frames or attaching labels to plants, the possibilities are endless. They are also better than plastic ties,  as they will biodegrade and are good for the environment.

Nutscene are a world famous producer of garden jutes and twines, with these 13m rolls being one of the most popular ranges. The high quality 3-ply heritage twine is available in a huge variety of colours and is still produced on the original machinery in their factory in Dundee. Nutscene have been producing twines since 1922.

The colours that will be randomly chosen for your order include botanical, blue, heather, brown, lime, henna, natural, olive, red, dove, pea-pod, pink, cornflour. bluebell, marine, cherry tomato, indigo violet, saffron, black, orange and lilac. 

Each spool holds approximately 13 metres (42 foot) of jute twine and measures 7cm (2.75 inches) tall and has a 3cm (1.2 inches) diameter.