Organko Kitchen Composter 16 Litre

Organko Kitchen Composter 16 Litre

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A handy, odour-free compact kitchen composter that creates liquid soil improver for healthier, higher-yield crops; this composter is the epitome of self-sufficiency.

Sitting tidily in a cupboard or on a worktop for easy indoor composting, this eco-friendly composter prevents food from rotting, and similarly prevents the unpleasant smells that accompany this process. The handle makes this composter easy to transport, and lift onto the worktop for easy draining of the soil improver liquid. 

This listing includes:

  • 1 composter
  • 1 lid
  • 1 tap
  • 1 handle
  • 1 draining sieve
  • 1 levelling trowel
  • 1 dosing cup and instructions. 

How to use your composter:

Place a thin layer of bran into the composter and cover with chopped waste. Repeat this process until the composter is full. It takes roughly 30 days for a small family to fill this composter. After letting the bucket rest for ten days, you can drain the liquid. Mix the liquid with one part liquid to one hundred parts water, and use as a soil improver. 

This listing does not include bran. Click here to find some suitable bran.  

Measures: 26cm x 32cm x 38cm. Capacity: 16 litres.