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Vitax cabbage collars biodegradable protects against cabbage fly

Vitax Biodegradable Cabbage Collars

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A pack of 30 biodegradable cabbage collars - great for protecting cabbages and brassicas from cabbage root fly. The collars prevent the adult cabbage root fly from laying their eggs near the base of the plant, which results in the plants being killed or weakened. Simple, efficient and completely non-chemical.   

Vitax Biodegradable Cabbage Collars are a simple and efficient non-chemical way to protect your spring, summer and winter greens from Cabbage Root Fly attack.

The Cabbage Root Fly can be a serious pest for brassicas such as cabbages, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, weakening the plants and causing cauliflowers to produce small heads.

The adult fly lays her eggs by the base of newly planted out brassicas. When the eggs hatch the maggots burrow into the stem and roots to eat them, killing or severely weakening the plant.

Vitax Cabbage Collars protect your plants from the Cabbage Root Fly by preventing the adult fly from placing the eggs in a sheltered position by the base of the plant.

After planting and firming the plant in the ground, slide the Cabbage Collar round the stem, so that a snug fit is achieved.

As the plant grows and the stem thickens, the Cabbage Collar opens to avoid any restriction to growth.

The Cabbage Collar also keeps the soil around the plant warm and moist, encouraging rapid plant establishment.