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Porous Pipe

Porous Pipe

Mostly used for follower beds a Porous Pipe system contains a set of piping with small holes through it which allows water to seep out and on to the areas around it. To set up this type of system up in your garden you simply run the piping through the base of your plants, using the joiners to elongate the system or remove a certain length of the pipe in order to access all of your plants. Connect the system to your garden hose and simply you will be able to water large areas of your garden by simply turning the hose on.

Here you will find a selection of parts and kits to enable you to set up your own piped irrigation system. We supply extra lengths of Porous Pipe as well as any extra parts you may need in order to build, extend or repair your watering system.

See below for our versatile selection of Porous Pipe irrigation products: