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Watering Can Roses

Watering Can Roses

Watering Can Rose’s are a great addition for any gardener, fitted at the end of the spout these roses break up the stream of water from the watering can and disperses it as droplets. This allows the user to slow the water pressure and allow them to hydrate even the most delicate of plants in a careful way. Alternatively they are a great way to distribute the water evenly and in a controlled way throughout the garden.

Made from the most durable materials our large range of Watering Can Rose’s are perfect for all of your watering needs, with universal fittings all of our Watering Can Rose’s will be suitable for most standard watering cans. We have a selection of different types and with different sizes for you to fully control the stream and volume of water for your plants.

See Below for our range of high quality and functional Watering Can Roses: