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Drip Kits, Hoses & Automatic Watering

Drip Kits, Hoses & Automatic Watering

Automated watering allows gardeners to apply controlled amounts of watering, perfect for the dryer months these systems. Quick and easy to install a Drip Kit or Automated Watering system can be fitted above or below the soil to ensure the best possible positioning and access to your plants roots and allow your plants to receive a well calculated and even amount of watering.

We provide our customers with the best quality products to ensure their irrigation system is durable and long lasting. With numerous kits and parts you will find all the components you need in order to set up, expand or repair your own Automatic Watering system. If you have any questions about Drip Kits, Hoses & Automatic Watering, feel free to contact us for some friendly advice.

See below for our full range of hard wearing Drip Kits, Hoses & Automatic Watering products: