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Watering Spikes

Watering Spikes

Suitable for use indoors or outdoors this style of Automatic Watering system allows the user to fill the reservoir, set in the soil and allow the Watering Spike and deliver water directly to the roots. Available in numerous different sizes this set-and-forget method of water delivery is considered very reliable and is a best choice for keeping plants healthy and fed.

A number our Watering Spikes also include a special barometric fitting which allows the Watering Spike to flow faster or slower depending on the temperature. The hotter the barometric fitting reads, the faster the water is fed to the roots. The colder the barometric fitting reads, the slower the water is fed to the roots.

We have a large range of high quality products to allow for the best possible watering of your plants. See below for a list of the exceptional Watering Spike’s we offer: