5 Activities to Keep Kids Busy in the Garden This Summer

It’s no easy feat keeping kids active and away from screens over the long summer break. We’ve pulled together five simple activities to encourage little ones to get involved and excited about spending time in the garden using a mix of natural and recycled materials. 

Take a look at our list below to spur on the imagination...

Decorate Your Own Plant Markers

If you love the idea of little ones feeling involved and invested in outdoor space, give them the opportunity to make their mark. Nutley’s wooden plant markers are perfect for adding a personalised touch to your flower and vegetable garden. 

Beyond keeping kids focused on the task at hand, this activity could also be a chance to teach them about the different plants you have growing outside. Simply line up these biodegradable labels with a choice of coloured felt tip pens or paint and watch their imagination run wild.

Take a look at Nutley’s Wooden Seedling Labels here

Create a Crawler Cabin

When your kids are slightly obsessed with creepy crawlers, there’s only one thing for it - a bug sanctuary. Not only will this activity serve as a great chance to chat about the bugs which are helpful in the garden, this could keep them occupied for a good couple of hours. 

If you have some space at the bottom of the garden, create a sturdy structure using an old pallet or if you are tight on room, bricks will do the job nicely. Get the kids hunting for sticks, stones, logs, pine cones, bark, straw and dried grass. Old plant pots, plastic bottles, toilet roll tubes and corrugated cardboard can also feature in this home.

Looking for a life hack? Take a look at our ready to go Bee n’ Bug Hotel here. This fairtrade nest is made from reclaimed driftwood.


Fruit Picking

This sweet day out is a fantastic way to get kids excited about eating healthy food as well as teaching them about where their food comes from. Quite a few pick your own locations offer the chance to pick a range of different fruit and vegetables so this could be a fresh and unique way to restock the cupboards

It might even inspire your little ones to grow their own food. Check out our Sowing Calendar to find out what can be grown now. Simply type into your browser ‘Pick Your Own Near Me’ to find your closest farm. 

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Flower Pressing

Great for crafting, decorating scrapbooks, framing and even known for making sustainable facial decorations (rather than using glitter), flower pressing is a wonderful way to get involved with nature.

Select a small handful of fresh flowers, which are either still in bud form or freshly bloomed. To prepare the flowers, cut the stems at an angle, remove the lower leaves and place in a vase of water with a teaspoon of sugar mixed and allow to sit for a few hours. Once the flowers are hydrated, if your flowers are thick (such as roses or orchids) then cut them down the middle with scissors to create a flat surface. Then, lay the flowers flat face down on to printer paper or cardboard to dry.   

There are a few different ways you could finish up the drying and pressing process but we’ve opted for the quickest approach. This method involves adult supervision, but when carried out correctly, has a lovely finished look. 

  1. Place the flowers between two absorbent pieces of paper, and then flatten with a heavy book.
  2. Empty your iron of all water
  3. Heat the iron on low. Once warm, remove the book and hold the iron still on top of the top sheet of paper for 10 - 15 seconds. Wait for another 15 seconds until the paper has cooled, then repeat this process. Gently lift the paper to see if the flower is stiff and dry. 

Create a Fairy Garden

From the early design stages, to collecting materials and piecing the vision together, this project is sure to create lasting happy memories for the little people in your life. With the potential to last anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole summer to complete, this could be your ticket to a peaceful break. 

Whether there is a small spot under a tree in your garden, space in a pot or a nestled spot between flowers, kids can create a magical area using natural materials, which is theirs to treasure. 


Suggested materials:

  • Pebbles
  • Twigs
  • Plants and flowers
  • Leaves
  • Wooden markers for a fairy sign
  • Twine 
  • Tiles

Consider recycling old materials such as small, used plant pots or an old bird house to make a really eye-catching fairy home. 


We hope these activities kickstart some new and exciting memories for the family. If you have any imaginative ideas to add to this list, share it with fellow parents in the comments below.

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