Our Story & Our Team

Our Story

Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens was founded in 2008 by grow-your-own enthusiast Jo Nutley. With only a shady suburban garden to play with and a mission to reduce her dependence on supermarket food, Jo started by selling vegetable seeds which she packed and labelled by hand.


From this budding idea, Nutley’s has grown into a flourishing online store, dedicated to the kitchen gardener - both novice and old-hand. Today, Nutley's website offers a wonderful collection of high quality garden tools, innovative kitchen utensils and sustainable beauty products, all sourced from Britain's best suppliers.

 Our Team

Directors and Finance
Pictured: Directors Jo Nutley, Simon Nutley, Strategic Finance Manager Kate,
Finance Manager Lee and General Manager Emma
Our big picture people cover everything from sourcing exciting new kitchen garden products, through to
keeping Nutley's on route to reaching the next remarkable milestone.


Pictured: Sue, Izzy, Richard, Felix, Jacqui and Vicente
Our warehouse team take extra special care of each and every product ordered, selecting the optimum amount of sustainable and protective packaging to ensure your purchase arrives with you safely. 
Warehouse Manager & Team Leaders  
Pictured: Matt, Louis and Victoria
This first class team are well versed in the art of product packaging, working to tight deadlines to make sure your order will be with you as quickly as possible.


Customer Service 
 Pictured: Shaun and Caitlin
This happy duo are happy to answer all your questions and qualms in no time at all. Click here to contact them.


Pictured: Sasha, Emily and Dani
They spend their time admiring new kitchen and garden products before introducing them to the web. They'd also really appreciate it if you could give them a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Or, if you are feeling generous, all three.