How to Choose, Buy & Use Nutley’s Netting

Choosing The Right Netting

Once you have figured out what is causing the untimely demise of your crops, it’s all about setting up the right netting to deter those pests. Some plants are well known for their attractiveness to certain critters. For example, broad beans tend to succumb to aphids whilst strawberries, well they seem to appeal to a ridiculously wide variety of enemies. Take a look below to find out what netting we’d recommend in response to particular garden bandits.

Battle of the birds

You need a hero - but not just any hero. One which is strong and yet lightweight so it won’t squash your beloved harvest preferably. Both green woven and heavy duty bird netting have your back. The only difference? Green woven can be used for 3 to 5 years whilst heavy duty can brave 7 to 10 years.

Brimming with bugs

Available in fine and extra fine mesh (to keep out the smallest of bugs), Nutley’s insect netting can drastically reduce and even eliminate the need for chemical pesticides.

Bothered by birds AND bugs

Fine insect netting can tackle birds, rabbits, insects and weather. This investment truly goes above and beyond to protect your plants.  

Rife with rodents

Fleximesh is your go-to for rodent trouble. This extra tough, versatile square mesh can be used on fruit cages, livestock enclosures and to create tree guards.

Problems protecting your pond

The fish can finally swim in peace with some fleximesh in place. This UV stabilised netting is rot proof and chemical resistant so you can rely on it to weather through season after season. 

Buying Nutley’s Netting

  1. Measure the width and length of your fruit cage, cloche, enclosure, pond or plant area which requires covering in metres
  2. If you are purchasing Nutley’s insect netting or fleximesh, you can select either a custom length or a pre-cut amount of the exact amount of material required due to the bendy but not stretchy quality
  3. Nutley’s green woven and heavy duty bird netting is very elastic. So, whilst it can be stretched to full length, this will make the width shorter. You will want to allow some slack for your fruit cage, so we would recommend you add around 30% extra to both your width and length measurements 

To work out the extra 30% on your calculator, type

Width + 30% = 

Length + 30% =


A 6m width x 4m cut length will usually only cover around 4.6m x 3.8m. 

You then want to add on the 30%

6m width + 30% =  7.8m

4m length + 30% = 5.2m

The netting comes in standard widths of 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m, etc. so you will need to round up to the nearest standard width. If you want to cover 6m x 4m, then you will need an 8m x 6m cut length. 

If maths skills are not your forte, we are also happy to advise you over the phone. Simply call 01903 233299 to speak to one of our helpful members of staff. 

Please remember, this is only a guide! We hope this helps you figure out how much netting you will roughly need.

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Using Nutley’s Netting

You might find some accessories are needed to secure your new netting in place. Nutley’s peg spikes and washers will get your material fixed into the ground and some cable ties will fasten the netting to frames.  

Make sure that the netting is pulled taut over your plants to protect birds from getting caught up in it.

When not in use, your netting is best folded and stored away. This will maintain the material for a greater length of time, allowing it to withstand the elements when your plants need it most. 

And one last tip to see you on your way - make sure you label the size of your stored netting to avoid any guessing come springtime. You can thank us later. 

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