Planters Paradise - the Rise of the Growbag

Ceramic and plastic pots have a tendency to choke plants and let the root spiralise, growing around the pot. Fabric planters offer better circulation for the roots with the results being a fuller root structure and a bigger yield of your desired vegetables, herbs, fruit or flowers. This is through the process of air pruning.

What is air pruning?
This is the introduction of dry air into your plants roots system. When the air hits the root, the root becomes dehydrated. In response, the root grows and creates more branches, allowing for a superior root structure. Each time the root is open to the dry air, the root system will continue to increase in size and increases nutrient uptake to your desired plants and vegetables. This process also prevents spiralling for the plant.


The washable, re-useable fabric planters can be folded flat and stored easily and are made of recycled plastic bottles. They also come equipped with strong handles and eyelets which are essential for the circulation.

There are a variety of grow bags in an 8 litre, 11 litre, 19 litre and the largest grow bag being 26 litre – all in neutral colours.

Other fabric planters in the range include a 45 litre raised bed, a 19 litre big herb bag, and a three pocket planter ideal for those with a more urban garden.

These bags are perfect for a variety of vegetables that are currently in season. Beetroot is ready to be sown ahead of its harvest in September and October, in addition to a variety of squashes and pumpkins that will be perfect towards the end of summer and autumn time. Tomatoes would make a great addition to your grow bag, as well as sweet potatoes which need deep, rich soil that is earthed up to mounds. 

The fabric planters start at £15.85 and would make the perfect companion in your garden or on a patio, allowing your fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs the best chance of fuller root structure and bigger yield.

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