3 Samples with Delivery for £10

3 Samples with Delivery for £10

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In this new feature, exclusive to the Nutley's Kitchen Gardens website, you can try before you buy in larger quantities. Browse from the select list of products ranging from glassware, harvesting goods, and our new plastic-free cosmetic packaging range. 


To order your samples, select 'add to cart' on this page. Then visit your cart which should appear in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. In the cart, there will be a box titled "add a note to your order". In this box, clearly, state the samples that you require from the list below. If you wish to request a particular lid colour, please also make this clear in the text box along with the samples. 


There are several categories available for samples. Please feel free to mix and match between them! We are also always adding new products and categories so be sure to keep coming back to the page. 


- 10ml Cobalt Glass Dropper Bottles
- 14ml Cardboard Lip Balm Tubes
- 15ml Aluminium Lip Balm Tins
- 15ml Cardboard Lip Balm Pots
- 15ml Cardboard Lip Balm Tubes 
- 25ml Cardboard Cosmetic Tubes 
- 28ml Cardboard Cosmetic Tube  
- 30ml Aluminium Dropper Bottles
- 30ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottles
- 30ml Clear Glass Dropper Bottles
- 70ml Cardboard Deodorant Tube
- 100ml Cardboard Deodorant Tube 
- 100ml Cardboard Shaker Tubes
- 140ml Cardboard Cosmetic Tube 
- 200ml Cardboard Cosmetic Pot


- 250g Fibre Punnet
- 500g Fibre Punnet
- 30cm x 45cm Hessian Sack
- 30cm x 60cm Hessian Sack
- 45cm x 60cm Hessian Sack
- 50cm x 80cm Hessian Sack
- 66cm x 115cm Hessian Sack
- 12.5kg Paper Sack
- 25kg Paper Sack

All samples will be sent with Standard Royal Mail Delivery, which takes 3 to 5 working days. If you would like a speedier First Class Delivery, please contact one of our customer care team on 01903 233299. Currently, this listing is only available to UK residents. If the product that you have requested becomes out of stock, one of our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours. 

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