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Nutley's 13cm 1 Litre Round Plant Pot
Nutley's 13cm 1 Litre Round Plant Pot

Nutley's 13cm 1 Litre Round Plant Pot

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These 13cm plastic plant pots are an ideal size for potting on, for cuttings or for growing your herbs and flowers to slip inside a plant holder. Due to current circumstances out of our control, these pots will be sent in either black of grey.

They are lightweight, flexible and recyclable. Save time when transplanting your plants and seedlings, simply squeeze the base of the pot gently and the rootball will be released. A classic and traditional plastic plant pot that is perfect for use in your garden, allotment or patio.

Extensively used by professional and commercial growers for growing healthy plants from seedlings.

The pots feature a two-tier drainage holes system that helps your plants from over-watering or rotting. If used and cleaned carefully they can be used season after season. The pots so stack on top of each other which makes storage of them easy.

Each pot has a 13cm (5.1 inches) top diameter with an 11.2cm (4.4 inches) depth. The gradient on each pot is 5-degrees. Each pot also has a capacity of 1 litre (0.22 gallons).