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Nutley's Trio of Willow Hand Made Trugs

Nutley's Trio of Willow Hand Made Trugs

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Beautiful, rustic and traditional, these wooden willow trugs are made from 100% natural materials and all sustainably sourced. The lovely, fresh and unstripped willow is complimented with a gorgeous smell and the trug itself is completely biodegradable.

The entire trug is made from one complete willow branch and by hand in the traditional way. Please note that the colour of the trugs may differ and the sizing are approximate as this is a natural product.

Use for your harvested vegetables and fruits, or flowers, available in three sizes. Sizes are small, medium and large. Also available in a trio. You could also use these trugs for weddings, storing tools for your garden or allotment or fire wood and kindling.

Measurements of these trugs are as follows: 

Small – 27.5cm long x 19.0cm wide x 22.5cm high (with handle) x 11.5cm high (basket)
Medium – 47.0cm long x 31.0cm wide x 33.0cm high (with handle) x 16.0cm high (basket)
Large – 54.0cm long x 38.0cm wide x 38.5cm high (with handle) x 18.5cm high (basket)