It's Time to Grow your Own Lockdown Lettuce

Over the past few weeks we've been sowing successively to have the freshest, most nutritious salad leaves every day.  Here's how we grow cut-and-come-again lettuce.


Take two Nutley's seed trays, one with drainage holes and one without.  Put the one with the holes inside the one without.



Line up your bag of organic Dalefoot Wool Compost for Seeds and add about a 4cm (1") layer to the tray.



Firm it down gently and sprinkle some water over - not too much though, just so the compost is moist.



Sprinkle a small amount of seeds - about enough to sit in the middle of your palm - thinly and evenly over the compost.



Then sprinkle a fine layer of compost over the top - just enough to cover the seeds.


Pat down gently, then water in.



Place in a warm, sheltered position - indoors, outside or in a conservatory or greenhouse. Water gently every day, don't let the soil dry out but don't let it get too soggy either. 


After a few days the seeds will sprout. Keep them in the light, but not in hot sun. The leaves should be ready to cut in 2-3 weeks, depending on the warmth & light levels.  Cut the tops of the leaves, and leave the rest to grow again. 


For lettuce throughout the season, sow successive batches about a week to ten days apart. When one tray of lettuce is exhausted, the next one will be ready to pick.




Let us know how you get on with your homegrown lettuce!

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